Magnetic Therapy Research


Magnetic Therapy Research

The Earth is a huge magnet with a North and a South Pole; its magnetic force surrounds all of its inhabitants. Life has evolved within this magnetic field and it is this, which we rely upon for our health and wellbeing.

In 1906 Dr Prince of the American Institute of Geology, continuing the work of the French physician Brunhes, discovered that magnetic force within rocks indicated that at certain times in history the Earth’s polarity had been reversed. These polarity changes coincided with significant changes of species. It is thought, this directly influenced life and evolution.


The environment in which we live is constantly altering the natural transition of the Earth’s magnetic field. The natural flux of the Earth’s magnetic field is affected by: today’s industries; travelling in metal cars, buses, trains; living and working in metal/concrete buildings, all of which shield our bodies from the potentially healing effects of the earth’s magnetism. Electrical appliances, such as microwaves, televisions and computers, all of which are more powerful than the earth’s natural magnetism, add to the problem.


Professors Kawai and Rikitake in Japan, discovered that the Earth’s magnetic field is constantly decreasing and that in the last 100 years the Earth’s magnetic force has diminished by 5%.


Dr K Crain from the National University of Australia said that the absence of the Earth’s magnetic field is absolutely dangerous for any 

organism isolated for long periods of time.


Dr Nakagawa of Japan reinforces this by saying that the weakness in the Earth’s magnetic field is creating a serious magnetic deficiency, which is harmful to all living species and is responsible for countless illnesses.


Research carried out in scientific laboratories and by authorities at NASA found that a lack of the Earth’s magnetic field for a prolonged period Drastically affected the body’s functioning. Astronauts returning from outer space felt weak and sick, needing weeks to recover.


 It was later established that their white blood corpuscles, a vital part of the body’s immune system, had become depleted, this was as a direct result of being away from the Earth’s magnetic field.

Space suits are now lined with magnetic material to counteract the absence of a magnetic field in outer space, upon returning to Earth astronauts are immediately able to return to normal life.


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