Are people allergic to magnetism?

Some people can be sensitive to magnetism. If a reaction is noticed try wearing your Magnohealth product for shorter periods at a time, enabling the body to adjust to any changes.


What jewellery product should I wear if I'm allergic to certain metals?

If you are allergic to a specific metal, there are alternatives available in the ranges. Magnohealth jewellery is provided in a selection of metals – solid hallmarked sterling silver, stainless steel, 24ct hard gold plated and silver plated, copper, and now titanium.



Why does copper leave a green / black mark on the skin?

The green mark on the wrist is a natural reaction of copper oxidisation, which is not harmful. The acid in your sweat solution dissolves the copper which is then absorbed into the blood stream through the skin, the copper is then distributed to all parts of the body and deposited where there is a copper deficiency. Research through the years has shown that people suffering with joint stiffness and aches and pains have a copper deficiency.


How thick are the magnetic shoe insoles, and are they comfortable?

The magnetic shoe insoles are 3mm thick and fit into any shoes/slippers. If you wear arch support insoles you can put the insoles on top. On one style the magnets are slightly raised on the sole, although comfortable to walk on, if you have sensitive feet they can be turned over to walk on the flat side.


What quality can I expect from the Magnohealth brand?

Magnohealth is a leading and trusted UK brand. A testament to our quality is we have been supplying major companies like Boots the Chemist for over 30 years. Prior to each product launch we thoroughly test our products to ensure we offer the ultimate in quality at an affordable price. Our designers keep abreast of current trends making sure our range of products are suitable for all tastes and ages. Our team is highly skilled and motivated, and use the latest technology in manufacturing to guarantee that our quality is not compromised.


What is the delivery time?

Orders are normally despatched within 5 working days. We can sometimes fast-track urgent orders upon request.


Can I wear magnetic products with a pacemaker fitted?

It is advisable not to wear magnetic products if you have a pace maker fitted.


Can I wear magnetic products if I am pregnant?

Although there is little evidence to prove using static magnets as a therapy during pregnancy could be detrimental to the unborn child, it is advisable not to wear magnetic products if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.


How often should I replace my bracelet?

Some companies tell you to change your bracelet every year – we don’t, the fact is if you use the best neodymium magnets available like we do, they will last for several years. Our magnetic bracelets are made using the finest quality material available, so as long as the magnetism is still there you can continue to wear your bracelet for as long as you like and still gain the benefits from the magnetism. Sometimes the bracelet can be demagnetised by damage caused by a high level impact or if the bracelet was dropped from a height. We find that with normal wear and tear most people change the bracelet after 3 to 4 years or as fashion changes. Take a look at our magnetic bracelet range or other magnetic therapy products.


How should I clean my magnetic bracelet?

You can clean your jewellery with just soap and water and dry with a soft cloth, however take a look at our special magnetic jewellery cleaning kits which includes an Ultra Sonic cleaner that make your jewellery look like new.


Will my magnetic bracelet harm my computer, laptop or ipad?

No, the magnetic bracelet will not affect your computer equipment at work or at home, whilst on the phone or using iPads, Nintendo or gaming devices etc.


Can I stop taking my medication if I feel better?

No, always talk to your doctor about changing any medication - even if you are feeling better. Magnetic therapy is not an alternative to medicine although some of our customers have managed to come off there prescribed medication, but only under strict supervision from medical professionals.

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