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Do you suffer with poor circulation?Circulation


Circulation of blood in the cardiovascular system is an important part of your body's overall function and health. The heart pumps blood through blood vessels within the circulatory system, when the blood flow is continuous and healthy, red blood cells carry oxygen to vital organs and extremities of the body, providing vitality and energy.


Good circulation ensures the transportation of nutrients, hormones, toxin wastes, O2 and CO2 throughout the body to maintain cell-level metabolism. It also regulates the pH, osmotic pressure, and temperature of the whole body.


Symptoms of poor circulation include:

Cold feet, hands, fingers and toes – all year round

Numbness in certain parts of the body especially the extremities

Feeling tired or having a lack of energy most of the time

Regular dizzy spells and headaches

Skin gets dry even though you drink plenty of water

Swelling and water retention - especially in the feet

Lumps in blood vessels and varicose veins


Pins and needles

Feeling short of breath

Blotches and blemishes in the skin

Memory loss


Common causes of poor circulation can be due to smoking, lack of exercise, too much caffeine, excessive alcohol, eating too much junk food and being overweight. If you suffer with poor circulation always ensure your symptoms are checked out by your doctor because poor circulation can cause severe health problems.


Start making some lifestyle changes, try wearing one of our Magnetic Bracelets, known to help improve blood flow and circulation, by balancing the positive and negative ions within the blood. Magnetic Shoe Insoles can help poor circulation in the feet, toes and lower legs by helping to stimulate the nerve endings and creating better circulation and blood flow back to the heart. Drinking magnetised water with the aide of the Magnetic Water Wand can detox your system and help water retention and anti-aging.

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