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Magnohealth magnetic bracelets - the brand you can trust! 


Our products are Safe, Effective, Drug Free, Affordable and Stylish, with over 40 years of expertise in the manufacturing of our ‘Magnohealth’ brand of magnetic therapy products, we are the longest established provider of premium magnetic copper bracelets in the UK and have earned a reputation of trust and high quality. Our staff are experts in the field of magnetic therapy and can offer advice on what magnetic bracelet or magnetic therapy product may be the best to use.  All our products are made from the highest quality materials available and our No Quibble Guarantee and Free UK deliveries on our amazing products make us the best company to buy from. Here is an overview of our range to help you choose the right magnetic product:


Magnetic Copper Bracelets – Improves joint pain, Rheumatism and Arthritis

Our original classic Magnetic Copper Bracelet range combines the natural therapeutic properties of pure copper with high powered Neodymium magnets, both of which are known to assist health and wellbeing. Each bracelet is carefully handmade to the highest standards possible and they are available in a number of designs. The Silver plated and 24ct Gold plated bracelets are plated on the outside only to allow the therapeutic properties of the copper to be absorbed through your skin on the inside. Ideal for people suffering with joint pain.


Magnetic Bracelets – Increases energy levels and relieves general aches and pains

Our non-allergenic stylish Stainless Steel and Titanium range of Magnetic Bracelets combines the great durability of these metals with the therapeutic properties of cleverly concealed high strength Neodymium magnets, thus providing harder wearing jewellery known to assist health and wellbeing. The titanium bracelets are lightweight making them ideal for sport and recreational wear to help improve energy levels and general pain relief.


Magnetic Bangles – Combats stress, blood pressure and poor circulation

Our magnetic bangles are made from copper alloy and are available in a selection of plating combinations designed to be practical and stylish yet robust enough for everyday wear. These bangles combine the therapeutic benefits of both copper and magnetic energy – using high powered Neodymium magnets known to assist health and wellbeing. The Magnetic Biobangle has the added benefit of using acupressure principals on the body’s meridian points, helping to relieve a number of stress related problems.


Magnetic Jewellery - Increases energy levels and relieves general aches and pains

A range of magnetic jewellery made from non-allergenic stainless steel or sterling silver, containing high powered Neodymium magnets. The magnetic necklaces are ideal for everyday wear, that special occasion, or for people who cannot wear magnetic bracelets at work. 


Magnetic Therapy Products – Helps anti-aging, sleep disorders and pain relief

We have selected a range of useful Magnetic Therapy Products each containing high powered Neodymium magnets for pain relief and circulation problems, which enables you to benefit from the power of magnets throughout your day to day activities without affecting your lifestyle. They make great gifts and you can use them in conjunction with other Magnohealth products. 

Magnets for Pets – Relieves arthritic and rheumatic pain, improves circulation

The ailments of household pets are often similar to humans, and as an animal gets older they too can suffer with arthritis and rheumatism, and circulatory problems. Our Magno-Vet products are widely used and recommended as a magnetic therapy by veterinary surgeons and professional animal trainers. They have been specially designed for animals and use the natural benefits of high powered Neodymium magnets which help assist the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself, often bringing a new lease of life to the animal.

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