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  • The Number 1 for magnentic therapy
  • The Number 1 for magnentic therapy
  • The Number 1 for magnentic therapy
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Magnetic Bracelets and Magnetic Jewellery Specialists

Nature's answer to drug free pain relief!

For over 30 years Magnohealth has been the leading brand for Magnetic Bracelets, Magnetic Therapy Products, and Magnetic Copper Bracelets. Recommended by Doctors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists our stylish magnetic therapy products provide a drug free alternative to over the counter analgesics for natural pain relief and general wellbeing…don’t just take our word for it - see what our customers have to say

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Water is naturally magnetised at source but processing and purification of water to bring it to our homes destroys its natural magnetism.  Our Magnohealth Magnetic Water Wand allows you to drink magnetised water as nature intended, using its therapeutic effects on digestive, nervous and urinary systems, helping combat kidney ailments, obesity, and premature aging.  It has important benefits for wellbeing, promoting an alkaline pH, infusing energy, controlling bacteria and stimulating brain function.


Used in conjunction with our magnetic bracelets and therapy product range it increases the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain, plus it will also speed up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of external magnetic fields by an amazing 10 times!  Makes an ideal gift.

Why choose Magnohealth Magnetic Bracelets?

Many Medical Professionals believe that wearing magnetic bracelets and using magnetic therapy can provide a natural therapy for:

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Blood Pressure, Circulation Disorders, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Joint Problems, Migraines, Muscle Stiffness, Period Pains and Stress.

Impressively, over 80% of Magnohealth Magnetic Bracelet users have experienced great benefits through the therapeutic value of the magnetism in their magnetic bracelet, these improvements range from small but worthwhile alleviation of pain, to incredible changes in the quality of their lives. The versatile magnetic bracelet range has proved very popular with all age groups from all walks of life.

What Magnets Do We Use?

There is a significant difference between Magnohealth magnetic therapy and other brands as we use Neodymium rare earth magnets the strongest magnets known to science - whereas most other products in the market place use less expensive and less effective ferrite magnets. Our magnets give the 'maximum magnetic power' providing our customers with the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Why choose Magnetic Therapy?

Magnets find an important place in physics, chemistry and industry, but in addition magnets have proved effective as healing tools in magnetic therapy. Physicists and Biologists around the world support the fact that magnetism influences all forms of life. Research into magnetism and magnetic therapy continues throughout the world today, bringing new proof of the effectiveness of magnetism each year.

Magnetic Therapy isn't just for humans

Up to 40% of dogs will suffer from arthritis by the time they are 10 years old.

Stiff aching joints are just as common for animals as humans - if only dogs could talk! Reluctance to go for walks, difficulty climbing stairs and struggling to stand from sitting tell us they suffer too.
Visit our Pet Therapy section to see how we can help your pet lead a pain free life.